He is Love 6

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“What matters is putting human feeling into your design.” God reveals himself in the most unexpected ways. Watch as this art moves and turns. It’s complex. It works when you would think it wouldn’t. Thank you for being with me this morning, God. Thank you for reminding me of your awesomeness! Thank you for giving me innumerable feelings and intuition. There is so much I am grateful for today. Your joy fills my heart. There are many steady, complex mechanisms that can be created with the human hand. They can be crafted with precision and intriguing beauty, but there is no complex mechanism that could ever compare with Your crafting of the human heart.

In my heart, I feel pain. I feel sadness. I feel joy. I feel hope. I feel feelings I haven’t quite figured out yet, but with every beat and with every swell of emotion I know that you are the creator, and you love me. It’s simple. A statement that I’ve heard before, but that really hit home with me yesterday when I heard it spoken about You is, “God does not give love, He is love.” You cannot be anything else but love. You ARE love. Love is so complex that I know it can never be accurately defined. It encompasses friendship, compassion, fondness, passion, it draws together, and it binds.

Thank You for the gift of heart and all that comes with it; even heartbreak. Because I know you will never be finished sculpting me, I know that I will experience change after change in my life. Help me to realize that life is much more complex than any fraction of it that I can see. Help me to realize I am only a small part and that you are the creator, and when I cannot see how it could ever work, You are going to show me that it can.

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6 thoughts on “He is Love

  • Christal

    Thank you so much for making these blogs….. I look forward everyday to was inspiring words God has given you … I love you girls and God has big plans for you both!!

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