Prayer 1

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God, place in my heart your truest purpose for my life as a Christian. Help me to see above limitations set on your absoluteness. Take away the chains of my mind, misconceptions, free me from strongholds, and anything that hinders others from seeing your true light. Open my eyes. Fill my soul with the wisdom that only you can give. Let me hear you. Quiet the noise that drowns out your voice in my heart. Reveal to me what really matters. In my community, and in the world, help me to be more like Jesus and mimic His ways and less like what I or others think a Christian should look like.  Thank you for letting me feel your spirit. Thank you for the feeling of warmth and comfort in my heart and soul that must be the very essence of unconditional love. Help me to break free daily and be alive in you. I want to thrive. I need you to help me. I am seeking you and loving you because you are the beginning and the end.

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