I’m a Tough One

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I used to not like change, and there’s a big part of me that still kicks and screams at new things; especially, tech devices. Ugh. What I’ve learned, though, is that my protest against change was rooted in different types of fear. It was rooted in control that gave me security. I don’t want to be like the new Disney sensation, Elsa, and scream “Let it go” from the highest mountain in song and dance just yet, but I have learned to, “let go.” Change is not the enemy. I can still keep all my values, I can still be myself, and embrace some change. If I don’t change as a person, ever, then I’m not growing. If I keep fearing the changes around me, and if I always want to be in control, then I am creating anxiety in myself and those around me. And as a Christian, my fear, my anxiety, and need for control and power over certain things in my life says that I am not letting God do His work. When a change is thrust on me, or when my environment is challenged, instead of throwing a fit, God, help me to step back, contemplate, reflect, pray, and look for your will before I scream out in protest “my will” first. I know I’m a tough one, God. Help me to use my stubbornness, strong-willed nature, wild imagination, and my insecurities for You.

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