Monthly Archives: May 2015

We continue to grow in all the seasons of our lives, if we choose. Choose to plant seeds in this day that will flourish tomorrow; not just tangible seeds but seeds of life and good character. Even if you believe the world will end tomorrow, don’t stop LIVING. Live all […]

Plant a Garden

I used to not like change, and there’s a big part of me that still kicks and screams at new things; especially, tech devices. Ugh. What I’ve learned, though, is that my protest against change was rooted in different types of fear. It was rooted in control that gave me […]

I’m a Tough One

God, place in my heart your truest purpose for my life as a Christian. Help me to see above limitations set on your absoluteness. Take away the chains of my mind, misconceptions, free me from strongholds, and anything that hinders others from seeing your true light. Open my eyes. Fill […]